Sensor Support Version 1.16 Released

New software for use with the Nergy Sense Power Usage and Lifetime Sensors is available for download here.

New features include:

  • Expanded graphical views, including EBUs and Usage
  • Enhanced Event View showing chronological usage by category (charge, discharge idle
  • Enhanced reports with additional options for adding project Notes and Recommendations
  • New tools for trimming unwanted data from a project


Power Usage Sensor Announced

Nergy Sense announces the availability of the Power Usage Sensor. Designed for test and evaluation applications, the Power Usage Sensor is easily installed for temporary power usage analysis.

Using Patent Pending software and hardware designs, the Power Usage Sensor can be installed on a forklift or similar vehicle in less than 2 minutes. The sensor requires no wires, and no configuration.

Leave the sensor in place for the desired test period, and then use the included PC software to wirelessly transfer test data. Use the PC software to quickly generate insightful reports and graphs.

The Power Usage Sensor kit, including the PC software and a USB Communications interface is $895. Contact Nergy Sense at for more details, and ordering information.