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Nergy Sense designs and manufactures a range of battery sensors for the motive power industry – designed from the ground up to be cost effective, efficient and connected.
The Power Usage and Lifetime sensors share a common hardware platform using patented technology to make installation and use fast and easy. Tired of removing connectors, installing wires drilling or more just to get an accurate measure of your ernergy use? With Nergy Sense sensors – there are no wires to connect! Simply clamp the sensor on your cable and confirm the onboard LEDs are blinking. That is the install process – less than two minutes!
A Lifetime Sensor can be mounted permanently on a battery. Onboard storage can hold more than six years of usage data. Think of the Lifetime Sensor as a black box for your battery. You’ll never guess about the care and usage of a battery again.
A Power Usage Sensor is for temporary use. Install it on a battery for a week or a month. Use the supplied PC software and wireless communications dongle to read and analyze the data. The Power Usage sensor is an essential tool for troubleshooting, capacity planning and other cases where detailed energy usage information is required.
Nergy Sense sensors require no configuration. Using a patented software architecture, Nergy Sense sensors literally cannot be configured incorrectly. Install the sensor with confidence, knowing that once the LEDs are flashing – you’ll get the critical usage data you need.
Contact Nergy Sense today to learn more about these revolutionary products. We have solutions for material handling equipment manufacturers including charger and battery manufacturers; dealers and resellers supporting the industry and end users looking for control over their fleet.

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