Nergy Sense Product Datasheets

  • Download the Power Usage Sensor Datasheet here.
  • Download the Lifetime Sensor Datasheet here.
  • Download the PC Support Software Datasheet here.
  • For details on cloud connections, download the datasheet, then contact Nergy Sense here.

Nergy Sense offers two battery sensor models – the Power Usage Sensor and the Lifetime Sensor. Both versions look the same externally, sharing the same housing and mounting hardware.

The Power Usage Sensor is best for temporary power study applications – where the sensor will be installed for temporary use, then transferred to other locations. The sensor includes an on board battery which makes the sensor usable installed on either the battery or truck side of the battery connector. PC software is used to transfer detailed energy usage data from the sensor and translate it into useful reports and views.

The Lifetime Sensor is designed for permanent mounting on the battery. Summarized usage data is stored on board for the entire useful life of the battery.Data can be retrieved using PC software, meaning no data connection is required. Think of the Lifetime Sensor as a ‘black box’ for your battery, always ready with critical usage data when needed.

Both sensors feature Nergy Sense patented technology which drives two important features:

  1. The sensor requires no wiring. Just clip it on to your battery cables.
  2. No software configuration is required. If the sensor is powered on, then you are collecting data and you can be sure that data will be accurate and useful.

A cloud connection is supported for both sensors. With the addition of an Nergy Sense Data Collector, you can automatically deliver data to the Nergy Sense cloud, where secure login gives you immediate access to your battery data. User configurable alerts can push information to those who need it, resulting it faster responses to issues, reduced downtime and improved performance of critical assets.