Product Information

Nergy Sense delivers hardware and software for collecting, storing and reporting power usage data.

The Power Usage Sensor measures key battery data and can be installed on a battery or a truck in less than 5 minutes. Designed for power studies, troubleshooting and other temporary application. Find more information here.

The Lifetime Sensor is a low cost sensor designed for permanent installation on a battery. It can record and store data for 5+ years – the life of a battery. Use the Lifetime Sensor to record full lifetime battery usage. Find more information here.

Sensor Support Software works with both sensor models, and can collect and report the data recorded by the sensor. See the wide range of features available in the Sensor Support Software here.

The Data Collector is a gateway placed on site with Power Usage or Lifetime Sensors, and transfers all data to the NSCloud server. The server stores all battery data and facilitates remote monitoring and reporting.

NSCloud is a cloud based repository for all sensor data.